The Rival Party – Scoundrels to Frustrate, Motivate, and/or Obliterate Your Players

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Create a more convincing world that the players can emotionally invest in by having a recurring team to pit against them.

Group politics, motivations, magical and mundane loot, scaling instructions, and combat behavior—all are included and more, making it easier than ever to throw an unexpected wrench in the party’s plans.


Challenge your Party with Skilled Equals

Sometimes players can really take their time, can’t they? Carefully researching every problem, chasing down every lead, and moving as cautiously as possible while keeping an eye for traps. But what if you want to light a fire under them? Other groups might be so reckless that they steal from the wrong lady, cuckold the wrong lord, or otherwise get on the bad side of the seedier side of society. Why send generic baddies when you can throw your own crack team of competent foes? Introducing this group of ne’er-do-wells to frustrate, motivate, and/or obliterate your player characters!


Hound your players with this band of rascals:

  • Setting Agnostic: Fits into any campaign setting
  • Fleshed Out Characters: Unique motivations and relationships for each party member, including means of persuading them to betray their comrades.
  • 14 pages of immersive content
  • 5 New Magic Items, including a curse!
  • 6 Statblocks
  • 3 Readymade Encounters for introducing them to your world and attacking the party
  • Combat Instructions: Both compact and expanded, designed for Ease of Use
  • High-Res Portrait Busts for each member, including tokens for online play

Throw a Party at your PCs

These, ahem, fine folks can be deployed as a tough encounter or as an ongoing threat. We’re partial to the latter, but regardless, they are a terrific way to add the weight of consequence to PC decisions. Did they piss off someone moneyed or connected? This party might have caught wind of a massive bounty on their heads. Perhaps the PCs aligned with one side of an ongoing struggle, and this party is working with the other. Maybe the PCs find themselves chasing a powerful artifact that this party also has designs for. The biographical bits provided are meant as fodder for social gameplay. The statblocks contain all you need to run this party. Remember that these characters have full death-save benefits. They don’t simply flop over dead when brought to zero hit points. Communicate that clearly to your players, as they’ll likely want to make sure downed enemies stay down. This rival party themselves will hit downed PCs whenever they can, or at least work to stop them from being brought back up. They know how this works, too.

6 reviews for The Rival Party - Scoundrels to Frustrate, Motivate, and/or Obliterate Your Players

  1. Jason Price (verified owner)

    This is well worth the price! Great stuff I will be adding to my campaign to surprise my players!

  2. Jason Price (verified owner)

    This is great stuff that I will be adding to my campaign to surprise my players! Well worth the price!

  3. Michael J Tobias (verified owner)

    Getting ready to start a long-term campaign and this looks like a great way to introduce a constant foil for my players.

  4. Gabriel Kerr (verified owner)

    Great personalities and backstories in this party! Loved how the book really delves into their relationships. Really looks like a real living party. Extremely easy to integrate in your game.

  5. Stephanie (verified owner)

    The content in this book is simple to implement into your games; and easy to understand characters with open prompts means you’re able to fit them in as needed. With character art too, this is some wonderful content!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Stuff!

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