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About Us

Decades of experience

Between the team of writers, we’ve been playing DnD and other tabletop games for well over multiple lifetimes.

We have an assortment of experience, focusing primarily on DMs who have been running and playing TTRPGs for half a decade or more, and have worked on their own interesting additions to the game.

We’ve come to realize that the sites that give advice are often random clickbait, long-winded salescopy, or aren’t unenjoyable experiences. In short, we believe we can provide better advice for would-be beginners and experienced folks alike. 

Phil (writer & editor) has been playing DnD 5th ed. for over 5, but has also dabbled in Pathfinder and an assortment of other tabletop games. His favorite board games are Root, Photosynthesis, and Terraforming Mars, and is a DM-in-training.

Leonardo (writer) has been playing D&D for over two years, DMing for just as long. He started homebrewing right off the bat and is now publishing original content on the DM’s Guild and itch.io! He’s also a big fan of Rowan, Rook & Decard’s Spire and Heart games.

Ethan (writer) has been playing D&D for over a year, diving headfirst in DMing. He’s currently working on a fantasy novel and introducing everyone he knows to the world of TTRPGs.

Bob (writer) has been playing pretty much every edition of Dungeons and Dragons since he was 8-years-old, which means he’s got a whopping 30 years of experience spanning all the way back to 2nd ed.