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Phil was a world-traveler, writing, playing games, and exploring. Now he lives in Toronto and plays D&D, Root, and Terraforming Mars online. Most recently, he has been exploring the asymmetric games by Leder Games. Links to Other Writing: Persuasive Writing; Coffee Website.

Hey there and thanks for checking this out. Here we’ll list the recommended tools of the trade, any free handouts we have, and whatever useful things that seem to fit.

We appreciate any purchases made through this page, as most of it helps to support us in putting out the content that we do. It does not increase the price—we just get a small percentage of every purchase.

Thanks, and hope you find it useful!

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  • Roll20 – Helpful for exploring dungeons and display maps and player/NPC tokens. Can integrate with D&D Beyond with a plugin
  • D&D Beyond – Online character creator and integrates with Roll20 with a plugin. DMs can share their purchased items with players.
  • Discord – A great groupchat that allows for music to be played and other things to be shared.
  • MorphVOX – Voice transformation software that works on both Mac and Microsoft, and integrates with Discord well.
  • Fantasy Map Generator – For large-scale maps.
  • Watabou City Generator – Free generator for smaller scale maps
  • Donjon – An amazing resource for several generators, ranging from maps to shops, and lists spells and monsters with easily sorted tables.
  • Kobold Fight Club – Fight/Encounter generator
  • Thieves GuildHarvesting & Loot – Great for coming up with material components dropped from enemies. If it doesn’t make sense for them to be carrying gold or equipment, why not harvest less savory parts?

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