The Cat Lady’s Abode

Dive into the chilling depths of “The Cat Lady’s Abode”, where a ghastly secret lurks as townsfolk vanish, and eerie feline eyes multiply in the shadows. For the price of a mere Pumpkin Spice Latte, test your nerves in 2-4 hours of pulse-pounding terror, facing a twisted mystery, dire choices, and grotesque foes. Perfect for horror lovers and spine-tingling adventure seekers!


Uncover the terrible secret at the heart of The Cat Lady’s Abode, as more and more of the town’s most vulnerable go missing, and the stray cat population keeps rising. That is, if you survive its horrors in this one-shot for four 3rd-level characters.

A wave of disappearances, mostly homeless people, drunks, and unattended children has the town abuzz with fear and rumors. Some innocent folk suspected of being the culprit have been lynched or wrongfully detained, only for the disappearances to continue piling up.


At the same time, the number of stray cats in town has sharply increased. Amid the outcry over missing children, it was easy to miss the story of the landlord who tried to chase off a gaggle of strays that were squatting in one of his properties only to get scratched and bitten half-to-death.


But someone did notice the connection, and she hired the party to put a stop to this. She tasked them with delving into The Cat Lady’s Abode.

In this Horror One-Shot for Four 3rd-level Characters, You’ll Get:

  • An evening of terror for about the price of a (large) Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  • A terrifying and lethal original dungeon for 2-4 hours of white-knuckle brown-pants entertainment.
  • A terrible mystery with more than one wild twist, and a morally difficult choice for clever players who can piece it together!
  • Two original monsters that can easily fit in any urban setting.
  • Four fantastic original illustrations by Luana Bibiano.
  • High-quality VTT maps & monster tokens.
  • Another Installment of Leo’s fantasy drugs because the man can’t stop.

This is a good time for fans of tense dungeon crawling, lovers of pitch-dark atmosphere, and anyone into a good scary story.


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