Into the Brinereach: A Biome in a Box

Enter the ancient Brinereach, but beware…

In the secluded settlement of Stiltgrove, there is trouble brewing. As with all new settlements, there is a struggle for who will be the dominant force in shaping the future of this new town. Not to mention a strange cult in the fringes…

Will the players side with the Merchants Guild and Town’s Guard, seeking unfettered growth by exploiting the abundant natural resources? Or will they side with the locals and forces of Gaia (including the Hunter’s Lodge) to live in harmony with the wild things in their midst?



Into the Brinereach comes complete with:

  • A 5th-Level Adventure for Four players: With the dragon lord dead and the region unlocked, there have been rumors of a tree-sung village in the far-flung wilds. But wasn’t this region uninhabited?
  • Relatively Setting Agnostic: Fits into most campaign settings. Use only the town, the swamp maps, and monsters, or NPCs—mix and match as you like!
  • Fleshed Out Characters: Unique motivations and relationships for each NPC in town, including several busts!
  • Over 40  pages of actionable content
  • 5 Unique Magic Items: Ever wanted a third or fourth arm? We’ve got that and more!
  • 17 Statblocks: NPCs, Unique Monsters, a new mount, and even novel traits if any of your normal characters want to join the cult or gain a crab arm!
  • A D20 Random Encounter Table: A wide variety of encounters to be had in a swamp so full of the unknown, featuring all three pillars of gameplay: combat, social interaction, and exploration.
  • 7 Rumors in Circulation: Who’s to say which are accurate and which are half-truths or lies?
  • 3 Regional Traditions: What community is complete without some yearly festivals? Perfect for climactic events and major
  • confrontations.
  • 10 Points of Interest: From the Tipsy-Turvy Turtle to Krek’s Smithy, the town has everything a settlement would need.
  • 5 Factions: Each with its own desires, major players, and roles—including the People of the Claw.
  • 14 Non-Player Characters: Enough to easily make your town and region feel alive.
  • 5 Unique Monsters: Giant crabs, an undead shepherd, mossmoths, and Clawed Scions to work as the cult’s enforcers.
  • 8 Regional Products: Brews, berries, and potions—plenty to keep your players intoxicated with more than just their power.
  • Biome Overview: A general outline of how the biome functions, complete with an appendix of likely animals and plants that could be used in play!
  • High-Res Portrait Busts for each major figure, including tokens for online play.
  • 8 High-Res Maps: Get a map of the city of Stiltgrove, as it currently exists, and 6 region-specific battle maps that will help with any random encounters.

Explore the Dangers of the Natural World

Lurking in the background are various dangerous forces, ranging from the occult to the ancient to the natural. Giant crabs that can cleave a man in two; tree octupi that will lunge on unsuspecting passersby for lunch; and a cult that worships the mysterious black claw which juts up from the coastline like a malignant tower.

Welcome to our Biome-in-a-Box, complete with secrets, a populated town, local delicacies, monsters, and a campaign to deal with an ancient evil. We designed it to be a stepping stone between full homebrewing and entirely following modules.

There’s enough here to let your imagination run wild and the resources to help bring it into reality! If you just want to follow the established world, that’s OK, too! Consider it a sort of sandbox to stretch your DM legs and give your players more autonomy.



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