Weeping Walls – A Setting-Agnostic Haunted House

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Unveil the horrors of the Uhdan Estate in this tale of loss and corruption for four 4th-level characters in D&D 5E. 4 Maps, 4 new magic items, 3 new monsters, and hours of fun!


Can your players withstand an evening of terror?

Ever feel that the adventurers are getting cocky? Do they need something to make them sit up and pay attention?

Make them reconsider this overconfidence by placing this haunted house in their path, possibly fraying their sanity and crushing their souls.

The lady of the house awaits them…

She’s in the walls and beyond every darkened threshold, in lockstep with them. When they’re low on hit points and frightened, that’s when the voice in their heads makes enticing offers—for a price…


Unveil the horrors of the Uhdan Estate in this tale of loss and corruption for four 4th level characters in D&D 5E:

  • Fits into any campaign
  • 4-5 Hours of Bleakness in the vein of The Witcher 3’s most horrific quests
  • 4 High-Resolution Maps – great for virtual tabletops like Roll20
  • 23 pages of immersive content
  • 4 New Magic Items
  • 3 New Monsters
  • Individual Powers for spectres based on how they died
  • A reworked madness table
  • The remarkable opportunity to become scarred for life by memory loss

Sylf Carver is Dead

Only in death did the wine mogul of Pearlhaven unveil his true identity and the reason why he kept it secret after fleeing his family and previous abode. He was hiding.

Yannis Uhdan, he was called in a past life. Firstborn of Ehrun Uhdan, an inland noble whose lineage fell from grace forty years ago, not long before “Sylf” arrived in Pearlhaven. He fled the Uhdan family estate to escape a maligned influence he believed was twisting them into monstrous shadows of themselves. He lived and died terrified of it catching up with him. In his suicide letter and impromptu will, he laid a single condition for his heirs to fulfill in order to be granted all the riches he left behind: to bring an end to the evil festering in his erstwhile home.

Created by Leo Andrade

Art by Bea Righetti

CONTENT WARNING: Domestic violence, suicide, body horror

2 reviews for Weeping Walls - A Setting-Agnostic Haunted House

  1. Mateus Cobbo (verified owner)

    I’ve played this with some friends and it absolutely SLAPS! Highly recommend

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A bizarre haunted house, I liked screwing with my players with it. Lots of tools to make the house feel (un)alive.

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