Cinderlings Bestiary – Fire Snakes on a (Material) Plane

Enrich your world with a new type of fire elemental that comes in many flavors—from novelty familiars to endgame bosses, celestial allies to scheming political figures, and more to be discovered!


At first glance, the glass dome seems to encase a small burning log, highly out of place amid the tiny beasts, natural and magical, in the surrounding enclosures. “Don’t let your eyes fool you; this right here is an animal just like my sparrowmouse friend,” says the merchant, “it just happens to be made of fire! Look closer, and you’ll see it’s as adorable as it is ravenous!”

And indeed, the flames upon the log have some structure to them. They constitute one single entity, whose shape reveals itself to the eye once you know how to spot it. “It’s a cinderling, a small fire elemental, curled up like a sleeping ferret.”

Rejoice, dear reader, for in this book, you will find this small,  young cinderling as well as all its extended kin! They can grow to gargantuan sizes if left unchecked, burning up entire forests and towns. Certain magics can turn them blue and give them the spark of higher intellect, while unfortunate circumstances and negative energy can turn them into cruel, necrotic things. And that’s not all!

Here’s what you’ll find within the pages of this fine tome:

  • 11 original statblocks for 6 types of cinderlings, complete with supporting lore for each
  • 2 summoning spells to attract a yellow cinderling familiar or summon a powerful celestial cinderling to your aid
  • Beautiful High-Res Illustrations for all major cinderling types by artist Luana Bibiano (also included individually)
  • Monster Tokens included for each Cinderling to be used in VTT play
  • Plot hooks to tie cinderlings in, and a spellbane cinderling NPC: Hessdalen the Blazing Sage, who must continually feed on magical objects or perish

Let the wizard bond with a cute yellow cinderling familiar, who can help them in combat or keep their coffee hot! Terrify the party with an abyssal cinderling that fights in tandem with the undead skeleton of the dragon whose flesh it burned up (been there, done that)! Make the cleric quest for the ability to summon a white cinderling of radiant flame—and more to be discovered.


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