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Written by Phil

Phil was a world-traveler, writing, playing games, and exploring. Now he lives in Toronto and plays D&D, Root, and Terraforming Mars online. Most recently, he has been exploring the asymmetric games by Leder Games. Links to Other Writing: Persuasive Writing; Coffee Website.

Looking for something to slot into your campaign, ready to go? Wanting something with a little moral nuance and several ways to solve it? How about a couple memorable NPCs that can be recycled wherever you please?

Well, take a gander at the Giant Spotted Owlbear minimodule created by our very own Leonardo Andrade!

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Need more convincing?

  • Simplicity: Too busy to prepare the next area and need something to fill a session or two? Pick it up and slot it into your game!
  • Social Solutions: Good opportunities for roleplay and social resolutions
  • Forest Setting: Fits well into most above-ground campaigns
  • Moral Ambiguity: Choose self-interest or an environmental cause — the players decide!
  • Free Dungeon Map: Credit entirely to 2-Minute Tabletop (Check them out, it’s pay what you will)
  • Exploration Focus: showcases the exploration pillar of D&D, providing a memorable experience of tracking and braving the wilderness
  • Owlbear Artwork done by Fukami HB

Once again, click here for the form and we’ll send it to you post-haste!

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